Chia Tai Seeds

Delegates joining the Chia Tai Tour got to visit two key facilities of one of Thailand’s oldest and most prominent seed companies. In the morning the group visited the Choncharoen Farm in Kanchanaburi province in western Thailand, where they toured several demonstration plots, showcasing hundreds of varieties of maize, cucumbers, peppers, melons, gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes and watermelon. It is at this facility, where much of the firm’s tropical breeding and multiplication activities take place before the seed is moved along the production line. After a refilling lunch, which was complemented smoothly with homemade pumpkin ice-cream and melon smoothies, the group journeyed to the firm’s main seed processing plant in the Om Noi sub district, just outside of Bangkok. Guests were given a presentation highlighting Chia Tai’s production standards and processes before being led on a tour of the 5,000 square-meter facility, where demonstrations were given on seed cleaning, drying, processing, packing and storing.

Chia Tai Post Congress Tour